"It is now a good time to apply selective weedkiller / feed to lawns – just remember to water in if there is no rain."

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"Many thanks for a job well done."

Mark and Madeline Giddens

Quality fencing installations for home and business

Fencing is the part of your property most susceptible to the weather, so the use of top quality materials is essential.

All timber that we use is pressure treated and has a 10 year guarantee, ensuring your long term peace of mind.

We have years of experience installing fencing for both private and corporate clients, so you can be sure that the right type of fence, both with regards to looks and security, is chosen.

As with any outside timber, maintenance is essential to keep your fence in good condition. We can provide a maintenance programme to keep your fencing looking as good as the day it was installed.

In today's uncertain world gates are not only an added security benefit, but can also enhance the front of your property. Again, quality matters, we only install the best!

A wide range of additional timber products can also be easily supplied and installed. So to arrange a free site visit, call us on 01908 585339 or email now.